Bran-U Construction was established in 1999 and has become one of the well-known and respected construction companies in our industry and amongst our peers. The company is registered with all the required statutory bodies and with no non-conformances in any area. We are in Good Standing with the Compensation Commissioner, Comply with BIBC regulations, have a valid Tax Clearance Certificate and a BBBEE Level 1 Contributor rating.
Bran-U Construction has a financial record in which the company can pride itself and has excellent business relations with key role players in the industry that would only enhance our progress on any contract on which we are successful.
We have weathered the stormy conditions of the economy by engaging with major stakeholders as clients in our industry, hence securing our sustainability as evidenced in the accompanying papers.
Bran-U Construction maintains high levels of compliance in Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental Management thus giving our clients peace of mind whilst we deliver the Civil Engineering and Construction product expected by our clients.
We also strive to continuously improve the technical abilities of our staff through our training and development programme. This provides the basis for the provision of a quality service to the client both from a contract management and project management perspective.
Bran-U Construction has over the years completed a diverse range of Civil and Construction projects in challenging environments across the country, with great success and pride ourselves in our reputation for delivering on our contractual obligations.
As you engage with us we hope that a vibrant and progressive business relationship, that will enhance both your business and ours, will be the outcome.
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